In the United States, one can donate their car or any other vehicle to a charitable organization of their choice. For this, the vehicle does not even have to be in running condition. In addition to it being an easy way to get your vehicle off your hands, the donation also comes with a tax deduction benefit and free towing services. To top it all up, this, in general, is a good deed which can help out a lot of people in need. Instead of selling your vehicle, you can certainly try donating your vehicle as it involves much less hassle and results in the aiding the poor.

Donate Your Car for Kids

You can choose any charitable organization that accepts car donations to donate your car. A branch of these organizations contains those that are for kids, including kars4Kids which is a multinational non-profit national car donation organization. This organization operates in the United States as well as Canada and accepts more than 40,000 vehicles every year. The organization is believed to allow the full proceeds of the donations to go directly to their charity programs.

All these children’s organizations strive to provide for the underprivileged children and help them get more opportunities and support that would help them grow. The children are surrounded by a solid network of mentors who are supposed to be available for the kids all the time. With the help of the donations, these children can receive what they already have a right to, mainly education and other extracurricular activities that help them grow into productive individuals of the society.

The cars donated can be used to transfer the kids or volunteers. Some might sell the cars while most of them get the money through auto auction companies.