Donate Your Vehicle and Keep Kids Safe

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Save time, get a tax-deduction, and make a gift that will bring Kidpower services to those most in need! Vehicle donations to Kidpower are possible from anywhere in the US.

In the greater San Francisco Bay and Monterey Bay areas, you can donate your car, boat, trailer, RV, motorcycle or other to Kidpower and have the whole process handled for you with one quick phone call or email.

Just go to Vehicles For Charity for their on-line form or call 1-800-574-0888 and let them know that you want to donate your vehicle to Kidpower.

Donate Your Vehicle and Keep Kids Safe

If you live in other parts of California or the US, you can donate your vehicle to Kidpower through V-Dac by going to:

Why Donate?
There are several great reasons, like:
1. You don’t want to worry about selling your vehicle.
2. It is too expensive to repair your vehicle.
4. You don’t trust your car to be safe on the road.
5. You need a tax write-off.

Most importantly, your gift today will help Kidpower provide the programs and guidance that make it possible to empower our youth and ultimately create a safer communities.

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