Pink Floyd Quiz Mania

Pink Floyd Quiz Mania

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Distance education makes higher education accessible to all

Education is among the main factors that contribute not only to a person’s development but also to the prosperity of a community as well. Clearly, education leads to better opportunities, such as financial security and personal development.

Phenomena like the recent economic crisis have proven that if someone wants to succeed he/she has to invest on education to cope with the rapid changes. Constant re-training is also essential in today’s competitive marketplace and since distance learning courses have become so accessible and flexible, there is no reason why anyone shouldn’t take advantage of this opportunity.


1. Distance education makes higher education accessible to all

Distance learning has succeeded in eliminating barriers and borders, giving everyone the opportunity to have access to education. Education specialists are still debating on whether online education has benefits or not, if it is a blessing or a curse. Distance learning includes online degrees, online courses (mostly for enhancing skills), MOOCs (massive open online courses) – that are completely free. So you can learn anything you can imagine in the online medium, provided you have access to the internet.

Additionally, degrees and certificates that are achieved after completing an online course or graduating from an online degree are equally acknowledged by universities and employers.

2. Online studies allow you full flexibility

Before distance learning, if you wanted to get more educated, either for a better place at work or for your own pursuit, you had to either quit your job or rearrange it. Moreover, if you had family obligations, the traditional education did not allow any option for you to adjust class attendance according to your schedule.

Online education has made this possible, through its philosophy, which makes clear that is a new way of learning, in which students are not let alone but are guided through a structured and a flexible procedure according to their needs.

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3. Online studies unite thousands of students worldwide

The use of electronic communication tools available in open universities, such as Elluminate Live! and webcasts unites students around the world. Universities have come up with innovative technological learning and teaching methods that these guarantee both their accreditation and their credibility.

Students can establish new ways of thinking and are able to get to know each other better through various actions which promote values such as teamwork and cooperation. In online learning, students can take advantage of an extended network and even establish future business contacts.

4. Improve your time management skills

In distance learning, the student takes the leading role and he/she has to become an independent learner. As they form their programme, students are forced to develop or to cultivate not only their self-discipline but their time – management skills as well.

So you would have to make a clear schedule regarding the days and hours you will spend in front of your computer, specifically for the online course or the distance degree programme. Take in consideration the needed amount of time for readings and coursework as well.

5. Tutor support of high quality

Tutors’ support regarding quality service is high, as it is maintained through regular tests and presentations. Many people still believe, that there are no academic prerequisites in order to be enrolled for a course.

However, almost all online degrees have some certain minimum academic qualifications or give a time space for a student to gain them. In addition, regular meetings either face to face or through teleconference maintain that students are checked and evaluated the same way as in the case of a traditional study programme.

Examples of open universities worldwide

  • Open University UK
  • Hellenic Open University in Greece
  • Open University of Cyprus
  • Open University of Catalonia in Spain
  • Open University of the Netherlands
Online degree studies and you

Online studies have put an end in some obstacles like stress and financial cost, which in the past had deterred many students from studying and further advancing their academic prospects. In other words, there is no excuse anymore if you want to study regardless of your age, marital and employment status. Online courses and distance degrees can create the perfect balance in terms of costs, time management, professional and personal life, which makes them an option worth considering.

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